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Reviews by Major Figures in Psychology and Evolutionary Science

“In Sexuality and Its Disorders, Mike Abrams shares a wealth of knowledge about sexual matters gleaned from decades of observation and study. Anyone who appreciates that sex is a crucial component of life, and who wonders about its scientific underpinnings, will learn a great deal from this book.”
—Elizabeth F. Loftus, PhD
Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine
“This is a first-class text on human sexuality. Its scope is wide-ranging with historical and theoretical depth that gives readers a fabulous overview of the field. It springs to life with lively interviews conducted with today’s leading sexual scientists. And although theoretically eclectic, it uses a sophisticated evolutionary perspective to tie together the fascinating and diverse threads that make up human sexuality.”
—David M. Buss
The University of Texas at Austin
“In this volume Mike Abrams has brought together great minds in this complex field. His insightful interviews, in particular, add new dimensions to our understanding of one of the world’s oldest mysteries – what is sex and what are the origins of variations in sexuality?”
—C. Sue Carter
Director, The Kinsey Institute
“Sex is an endlessly fascinating topic. Mike Abrams, a leading thinker on intimacy and sexuality, and treatments of these, lays out the story for us. Sexuality and Its Disorders is an engaging and informative book that should be of interest to lay people and professionals alike.”
—Joseph LeDoux
Author of Anxious (Viking, 2015)
“Mike Abrams has written a superbly comprehensive—and imminently readable—overview of historical and recent work on sexuality and disorders of sexuality. Students and instructors will find Dr. Abrams’s writing style engaging and straightforward, bringing excitement and enthusiasm to a fascinating field.”
—Todd K. Shackelford
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Co-Director, Evolutionary Psychology Lab


The text includes interviews and commentaries from prominent experts in sexuality, gender and love. Iconic figures such as Premiere expert on the biology of love Helen Fisher, Pioneer in evolutionary sexuality Gordon Gallup, Innovative researcher in the evolutionary psychology of relationships Douglas Kenrick,  Controversial psychologists J. Phillipe Rushton, Author and clinician for transgender issues Diane Ehrensaft,, International recognized gender identity researcher Kenneth Zucker and many others.

Mike Abrams

Dr. Mike Abrams, PhD, MBA, ABPP Board Certified Psychologist, Sex Therapist, and Educator

Dr. Mike Abrams is a practicing psychologist with 30 years experience. He is a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology, a Supervisor, Fellow and Diplomate of the Albert Ellis Institute. He is on the graduate psychology faculty of New York University where he teaches graduate courses in sexuality and psychotherapy and conducts research into sexuality and sexual behavior.

Dr. Abrams’ work on sex related issues began with his work with people with AIDS in the mid 1980’s. Subsequent to that he has worked with couples with intimacy problems, people suffering from a wide range of sexual conflicts, transgendered individuals, gays and lesbians. His clinical work led to new methods of treatment and ways to view people with sexual variations. He is among the first clinicians to adopt an evolutionary perspective in understanding sexuality. This model holds that most sexual inclinations that are viewed as abnormal in fact are merely adaptations to other environments. Dr. Abrams studied under, and for 17 years collaborated with, the founder of sex therapy, Dr. Albert Ellis, who is also the developer of cognitive behavior therapy. Dr. Abrams is credited with extending Dr. Ellis’ theory of human personality and his methods of sex therapy. He had worked closely with Dr. Ellis in extending Ellis’ model of human sexuality to include current evolutionary psychology. He co-authored 3 books with Dr. Ellis and several articles and book chapters. He holds three graduate degrees in psychology, a Masters degree in business administration, a degree in educational administration and an advanced certificate in quantitative methods. His current research includes the role of childhood sexual abuse in adult pathology, and the role of the Internet in changing sexual mores. He has published numerous journal articles on topics ranging from sexual problems to the cognitive foundations of psychoanalysis.

Clinical Case Studies

The extensive coverage of human sexuality in this work is supplemented with fascinating case studies. They describe the lives people with a range of compelling sexual situations and lifestyles.

About Sexuality and It’s Disorders

This books is written for the advanced student in sexuality or the clinician working with sexual problems. It covers every major issue in human sexuality that a mental health professional will need to know. Integrating evolutionary science, it explains many sexual phenomena that are not easily apprehended except when viewing them from a natural selection perspective. Current topics covered include the sexual development of typical, gay, and transgender individuals; the origins of competing theories of sexuality; the psychology of love and mating; and the role of the internet and social networking in sexual behavior. Additionally, clinical case studies are examined and treatment methods are covered in great detail. The book is authoritative in its application of cognitive, cognitive behavior, and Rational Emotive Behavior therapies. It’s thorough coverage of sexuality is complemented with interviews with many of the key figures in both the clinical and scientific realms of sexual behavior. These interviews help coalesce the many complex concepts set forth in this work. 

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